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quarterback russell wilson used to call virginia home. >> when he is done managing one of the biggest law firms in virginia these days, ben wilson is answering e-mail about his famous nephew. his nephew is the rookie quarterback sensation not named robert griffin iii who will start sunday between the redskins and the seahawks. >> on russell wilson, starting quarterback for seattle. and as popular as rgiii is an washington, russell wilson it is in seattle. >> he brings energy to a great game. >> his roots deep in the area, growing up in richmond, spending many summers in d.c. with his uncle ben and his family. >> my dad helped change my life. i was excited to be able to go home to him and tell him i was drafted in professional baseball. the toughest part was he died that night. >> it is inspiring to see him overcome obstacles, to see him succeed. russell wilson is a young man who has always persevered under special circumstances. >> sunday, hhis uncle will be at fedex, wearing his no. 3 seattle seahawks jersey, saying what will be a tremendous game between two of his favorite teams, but ch
to their inability to lead congress were jefferson, monroe, grants, wilson, truman, johnson, nixon and bush. to failed due to hubris, franklin roosevelt, and richard nixon are the four who did not effectively communicate their agendas or initiatives were jefferson, monroe, grant in cleveland. obviously, the dominant source of failure for second term presidents has been their inability to successfully work with congress. fully at second term presidents have faced trouble or failed second terms due to record to the fight between congress and the white house. having a congressional majority of their own party is no assurance of relief. those presidents who served with congress having a majority of the opposing party during their second term included wilson, eisenhower, nixon, reagan and clinton. the competitive battle between the president and congress dates to the fight's george washington had with congress over the jay treaty. he had won approval only after considering effort working to reckless members of congress, compromising and controlling. that was with a congress having majority of li
- starting at 10-35. today giants general manager.. speaking about brian wilson >> the golden state warriors were in action again today facing off against the new orleans hornets. klay thompson scored a season high 29 points to hornets 116-to-112. this snapped a three game skid for the warriors as they saw their star point guard stephen curry return to action. curry came back with a vengence and scored 20 points after missing the last two games with an ankle sprain. next up for the warriors they will host the los angeles clippers on monday. today giants general manager brian sabean sat down for an interview in new york. the topic was the beard. otherwise known as former giants all star closer brianduring the interview sabean said that he didn't believe wilson would return to the giants. sabean thinks that wilson hasn't had enough rehab to show teams that he can still play at a major league level. let alone close out games. wilson made only two appearances last year before having reconstructive surgery on his elbow for the second time. stan musial. one of baseball's greatest hitters and a hal
of the opposing party during his second term included wilson, eisenhower, nixon, reagan and clinton. the competitive battle between the president and congress, over the treaty. after considerable after working with members of congress, compromising and cajoling. and i was at the congress of right-thinking federalist senate president hu is revered. when they went in his second term, eisenhower worked quietly behind the scenes of the senate majority leader, brendan jones said, to gain approval of his legislative agenda. ronald reagan began the democratic speaker of the house, tip o'neill to compromise as they were. i may be cynical to postulate some of nixon's rather liberal legislation were prompted by a democratic control of congress. woodrow wilson was the target of the republican party that wanted to even many squabbles they had the president. he defeated both william howard taft and theodore roosevelt to win his first term. he spearheaded legislation and the approval of the league of nations that would be selected to good republican party hostility to wilson. the treaty was never
rodgers, two big name quarterbacks you won't find in the nfl playoffs but russell wilson is still going strong. the only rookie quarterback left in the playoffs. who is he? we'll look at this rising star. >>> first, it is official, you can now use a smartphone everywhere. yes, if planes, cars, gyms and the dinner table weren't already enough, you can now tweet and check your e-mail in the shower. i'm not kidding. dan simon has been on gadget overload at the consumer electronic show in las vegas and here are some of the coolest things he's found. >> first up, the watersafe iphone. liquapel has a special coating that makes any phone or tablet immune to the hazards of h20. this is from brookstone and a pillow that has speakers inside. the selling point is, if you're listening to the tv, watching whatever show or movie, you can listen to it without disturbing the person lying next to you. >> it will be a terrific father's day gift. >> reporter: the hapifork which could save you a few pounds. the electronic utensil lets you know if you're eating too fast. if you're eatingest to if a, it will
that expired back in 2004. >>> still ahead at 11:00, ryan wilson may be in an empire state of mind. the latest reports on one of the most popular giants in team history. >> a surprise news conference with the president this morning during which he warns congress he will not get in a fight over this country's debt limit. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. >>> plus, has apple lost its cool? we'll take a look in business news. >>> in a surprise move today, president obama holding his very last news conference of his first term. he used the encounter to address the debt ceiling debate soon to be heating up on capitol hill. bob redell joining us live from the newsroom with the latest details on president obama's speech. good morning. >> good morning, jon. president obama used his final news conference of his first term to demand that congress raise this country's debt limit, warning lawmakers not to play politics with, quote, the full and faith credit of the united states. the treasury department says the u.s. has until march to increase the nation's borrowing limit. otherwise, the country will
with the jaw dropping all inspiring play. russell will -- russell wilson has been left there as well to win and very similar. respect for wilson as they hope he doesn't get off on sunday. >> we dulled it out for one of those records as we were doing it for them. and it is just good to see them, you know, being so successful, but at the same time, you know, i want our defense to go out and shut them down. >> all right, so who will be winning on sunday? they say that seattle is the favorite. now it involves the tradition, the hair, and a grandma. take a look. it'll be here in seattle. and it just rained. the city can't even keep that going. now, remember the super sonic isn't the association of 2008? well, they fell back to oklahoma city. now their best player? kevin durant. the d.c. native. nope, they can't measure up. look at the quarterback here, russell wilson. the bicep, yes, the height? no. not by the nfl standards. run little quarterback, run! washington's main man. yes, that's right. bob. his grandma even has a cool nickname. rg be g. >> they're going to make the super bowl, that's ri
, robert griffin iii, russell wilson, and alfred morris. only non-quarterback in the group, who gets your vote and why? >> robert griffin iii gets my vote because he's the best player on the team. >> okay. >> and in the nfl. >> body of works, 16 weeks. 16 weeks. he didn't play 16 weeks. >> right. that's fine. >> he missed eight games. >> they were 3-6. >> didn't finish three others. >> they were 3-6. now they are division champs. >> correct. he won 10 games. but he didn't play in all 10 of those wins, is my point. >> it's not rookie of the year-- >> andrew luck has 11 wins. >> that's fine. >> russell wilson has 11 wins. >> look at his numbers. the numbers speak for themselves. look at rg-iii numbers. >> sound like a politician. >> look at andrew luck's numbers. rg-iii wins. >> no, he does not. >> easily. >> you say hands down, i say hands up. should be alfred morris. it's a quarterback-driven league. we get that. >> okay. >> this guy broke the redskins single-season rushing record. we're talking about for the team, the storied franchise that is the washington redskins. we can't discount t
in seattle is too disappointed with russell wilson as their quarterback. they love him out there. it is really the year of the rookie quarterback in the nfl. and two of the top three face off at fedex field on sunday. it's just the second time ever the two rookie quarterbacks have gone head to head in a playoff game. robert griffin iii has helped resurrect the redskins. and russell wilson, no longer a secret in seattle. on sunday, wilson tied peyton manning's rookie record with his 26th touchdown pass of the season. wilson's 115 passer rating in december, the highest of any quarterback in the nfl. like his rookie counterpart, rg3, wilson can run as well. for the season, griffin is the nfl's third-ranked quarterback. while will sob is right behind him at number four. >> i definitely think we have very similar qualities. you know, i think he does a great job of throwing the football and running the football. you know, both strengths of our game. i think the biggest thing is, you know, i'm trying to focus on what i can do to help our football team win. that's my focus this whole ent
back josh wilson was drafted by the seahawks in 2007. spent three seasons there. in that time, he led the team in interceptions. but a trade to the redskins means a return home for wilson who played high school there and was a star for the terps in college. that makes sunday's game all that much sweeter. >> it's huge being from here. growing up here. i still remember in '91 we on the super bowl. i had my ripken jersey on. i was rooting for my favorite kicker. chip low miller. i'm excited as a player to be in this division but even more as a fan of the redskins. >> football is in wilson's blood. his father tim wilson played eight seasons with the houston oilers. >> a lot on the line for josh. that's awesome. >> of course, it's at lot on the line for every single player on the team. the showdown comes between two teams who haven't seen too much success. the seahawks last made the playoffs two years ago despite a losing record on the season. the last time the redskins played a playoff game at home 4,747 days to be exact. they they lost to the seahawks in 2005 and 2007. it is seattle who
that collected a list of drunkenness from their time. tom paine benjamin franklin ambrose bierce edmund wilson had all been sort of fascinated by the fact that in history there were all these euphemisms and of course when you are doing a book i had many helper some of whom are in this room tonight. they go back to trotsky and go back to shakespeare and a lot of them are unscrambling euphemisms and shakespeare when falstaff comes into the room and the sun was in his eyes. he is squinting and that was the word for drunk. i have written a number of books that more than a dozen are books about language and they tend to be -- but that they range from serious books like i have done a baseball dictionary which is in three versions and which is about 10,000 entries which is more than people want to know about baseball but i book on language as rep nation and something -- though i guess the word is recreational linguistics to use as a placing. scrabble games and things like that and recreation. if you're drowning in -- that's an inefficient use of language but beyond that a lot of it is wordplay and on
of today's game between the falcons and seahawks. seattle's russell wilson representing the new breed of today's nfl quarterback against the more traditional matt ryan, still looking for his first playoff win. falcons got on the board with a field goal. ryan rolled out and found tony gonzalez in the back of the end zone. gonzalez doing a nice tip toe to get two feet inbounds. 10-0 falcons after the quarter. 14-0 midway through the second. then before half time, ryan threw for it all. right on the money to white, score 20-0 atlanta. after being shut out in the first half, seahawks got on the board. wilson fires to tate, who stays inbounds after the catch for 29 yards and the score. 20-7. but the falcons answered right back. 80-yard drive to snelling. pete carroll's team down by 20, with just a little more than 2 minutes left in the quarter. then the seahawks kicked it in. wilson buys time, deciding to just run it into the end zone himself. it's 27-14 early in the fourth. ryan threw for 250 yards and three touchdowns, but it was also intercepted twice. thomas grabbed this pick. the seah
wilson could have ended up on the same sideline. how the two rookies almost ended up as teammates. >>> we want to see your redskins spirit. send us your pictures of your kids, your pet, your house, you all decked out in your burgundy and gold. e-mail them to skins fans at or you can tweet us at nbc washington and use the hash tag skins fans. >>> we're getting good pictures already. it's now 6:36. ahead, the one thing federal workers are hoping congress does not vote on. >>> plus, a plan to build something in the heart of yorj town that has a lot of people hoping it strikes out. >>> hail to the redskins ♪ >> somebody give that dog a bone. >> really. he deserves it. >> we will tell you about the pup with real redskins pride. >>> sometimes you see something that makes you ask why. the escalator that really isn't worth it. [ fingers tapping ] [ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light, now at 90 calories each. yoplait, it is so good! >>> it's a thing of beau
-53 the final. >>> sounds like brian wilson's days as a giant are numbered. the general manager brim sabean with this comment. i'm going to be brutally honest, don't think brian wilson will return. sabean, we willie place in yuck for the baseball writers dinner. wilson wants a long-term deal. the giants only willing to offer an incentive-laden one year deal in the second half hour, peek out sharks practice today. they open the season tomorrow in calgary. this sports roth brought to you by river like casino. >> ama: 49er fan fever is sweeping the bay area. check out this little guy, all decked out in his niners gear, and even the folks at antioch community federal credit union are in the team spirit. and dr. smith says he has been a fan of the team since the played at kezar stadium. you can e-mail your photos to we'll post them and show some of them on the air. >> the college football star embroiled in the online football hoax comes to his own defense today. what he said, just ahead. >>> a waiter puts his job on the line for his very young >>> good evening. in tonight's h
. >>> sounds like brian wilson's days as a giant are numbered. the general manager brim sabean with this comment. i'm going to be brutally honest, don't think brian wilson will return. sabean, we willie place in yuck for the baseball writers dinner. wilson wants a long-term deal. the giants only willing to offer an incentive-laden one year deal in the second half hour, peek out sharks practice today. they open the season tomorrow in calgary. this sports roth brought to you by river like casino. >> ama: 49er fan fever is sweeping the bay area. check out this little guy, all decked out in his niners gear, and even the folks at antioch community federal credit union are in the team spirit. and dr. smith says he has been a fan of the team since the played at kezar stadium. you can e-mail your photos to we'll post them and show some of them on the air. >> the college football star embroiled in the online football hoax comes to his own defense today. what he said, just ahead. >>> a waiter puts his job on the line for his very young >>> good evening. in tonight's h
the quarterbacks though. rg3, cool guy. rustle wilson -- russell wilson, short guy. i think he's got a small man's complex. can he even see over his line? rg3, we've got the cool guy on s.i. you know, he's got the no hex here, obviously. we know we've got him going there. your guy, we looked him up because we couldn't find any magazines he was on, but i did find one, chris. i don't know if you can see it, but he's on the front of a national women's magazine. there's russell wilson right there. so you may not be able to see that, but he's on the front of that magazine. >> i can't see it. all i know is that is the rg3 hype machine. and granted, he has the numbers to back it up. in fact, i did a little thing here on our set today. the numbers are almost identical to quarterbacks. now, russell wilson might be short. he's got big hands. so you know, whatever that means. he's playing well. >> i got some bad news, the real refs called. none of your wins count this year. they're more than just the green bay game. they're taking back -- the real refs just called. those touchdowns and those wins, it doesn
'll hear from mike shumann. and gm brian saban, brutally honest about brian wilson's chance office >> today is the national day of service, a time to give back to the community and part of president obama's inauguration weekend in daly city that spirit of giving back was seen at a 36 unit complex on mission street, being built by habitat for humanity. more than 100 people turned out to help paint and shovel. >> many people today chose to give service by giving blood. the blood centers of the pacific in san francisco was busy when he stopped by. center officials say the blood is desperately needed. many donors have cancelled because of the flu. that contributed to the center only having a one-day blood supply. >> a waiter went out of his way for a special young customer has people talking. support is flowing in from all over. >> for kim wednesday was a typical dinner with a family and five-year-old son my low who has down's syndrome. >> the waiters saw my low. >> just as they were sitting down to dinner, the familiar hill at the adjacent booth got up and moved. the waiter didn't think much o
. >> >> before the next speaker i will call out a few more karls. >> wilson, miller, alicia rubin aver and cavera and perez and buller. >> thanks. >> hello, my name is gary and i am from the san francisco drug users union and my comment is going to be short and sweet. this argument over non-lethal tasers and non-lethal protection for the officers and up against the mentally ill and challenged, has been going on for years. tasers are as lethal as any gun, a gun is just as non-lethal as a tase and her if you spent half of the money that you have spent on conversation, debates ps, surveys and documentation and a little meetings like this, back into the mental health facility and the hospitals and the non-the homeless shelters and get these people off the street, these officers are going to have not have half of the problems that is where the money should be going instead of the ridiculous conversations. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker please? >> good morning, thank you for having this hearing today. >> my name is jeremy miller i am with the stelli foundation and the san francisco no taser task
post he doesn't expect brian wilson to return next season. he reportedly struggles in workouts. >>> stan the man passed away recently. he spent his entire career with the u.s. cardinals and played in 24 all-star games. >>> hall of famer manager earl weaver passed away last night. the earl of baltimore led the orioles to the play-offs four times. he was best known for his fiery temper. he was 82 years old. really sad. you don't think people are getting older, and it's just sad to see some of the great ones pass away. >> two amazing legends. let me ask you about brian wilson. he needs another year to recuperate? >> pretty tough to come back from two tommy johns. teams always need closers and if there's one guy who will prove that he can do it, it's wilson. >>> here's what we're working on for eye witness news at 6:30. >> it's my gun! >> reporter: across the country, they called it a rally of support of the second amendment. a look at how gun appreciation day unfolded right here in the bay area. >>> and that's it for our news at 5:30. we'
russell wilson and the seattle saw hawks. rg3 rolls out, tries to put on the brakes, the pass falls, he reinjures himself, he gets up limping but stays in the game. two plays later, he finds logan paulson in the end zone for the touchdown. second quarter now, wilson gets his team back in the game, the touchdown pass here to michael robinson for the score. redskins are up four. fourth quarter, seahawks down by one. marshawn lynch takes it. look at russell wilson, the final block from the quarterback, seahawks will take a seven-point lead there after they get the two-point conversion. redskins now on the ensuing possession, rg3 falls on it. he reinjuries his knee yet again in the process. rg3 he left the game for good after that. really was never 100% yesterday. 21 yards rushing. only 84 passing. the redskins lose the game. after the game, though, what a lot of people were talking about was mike shanahan's decision to keep rg3 in the game. >> i talked to robert and robert said to me, coach, there's a difference between injured and hurting. that was enough for me. he's a competitor. i'll p
quarterbacks as rg3 and the redskins host russell wilson and the seahawks at 4:30 p.m. on fox. let's focus on the second game. i sent you on your way by saying thank you, but there's more to ask you about. that's the second game, the seahawks and the redskins. who do you give the edge to? >> that's going to be a great game, and i know a lot of people are going to give the edge to seattle because of their defense. but i really like where the washington redskins are right now. they're playing hot, they're playing confident. they're going to have the home crowd. seattle's got a long trip. i just think robert griffin iii is going to make some plays to win the game for washington. i picked against washington last week. i'm going to pick washington this week in a really, really great game. >> tony, this time, i'm saying thank you and i really mean it. >>> the winner of the seahawks/redskins game, by the way, travels to atlanta next week. >>> now a programming reminder. tune into pro football talk monday at 5:00 p.m. and every weekday on the nbc sports network. and you can also catch the dan patr
you know that seattle's star rookie quarterback russell wilson was on the skins' short list to back up rg iii. mike shanahan told "usa today" sports that after selecting griffin he considered drafting wilson but the seahawk got to him first picking him in the third round. >> isn't that fun to hear the details come out after the fact. >> after the fact. >> which means it should be a really good game on sunday. if he is that good. he was going to be picked to be it will be good. >> that will be a lot of fun. if you are going to the game sunday afternoon, weatherwise, it looks fine. there will be some clouds around sunday. let's worry about today first. the temperatures have fallen back into the upper 20s and low 30s. 32 at reagan national. dulles, 28 degrees and bwi marshall looking at a temperature of 30. a little bit of cloud cover across the region. the clouds quickly scoured out with the morning sunshine in the last couple of days and we should do that once again. it will feel like a january day out there. so be ready for some cool temperatures. 42 today. and even way left sunshine,
. josh wilson talks about his old team. >>> could prince george's county budget cuts impact safety? that's what some firefighters >>> so the redskins have someone who knows the inside track of the seahawks? >> we're hoping this could be an advantage, and the defense certainly has been playing better. only seven players on this year's roster were on the team the last time the redskins made the playoffs. only one guy on this roster played against the redskins in that playoff game five years ago. that is josh wilson. he was a rookie with the cease hawks fresh out of the university of maryland back in '07, now a wily veteran and part of an improving defense that will have its hands full. >> josh wilson says it's not personal. drafted by seattle in '07 had led the team in interceptions better being traded. >> it's the nature of the business. they made a decision and, you know, traded me to baltimore. that's the nature of the beast. >> wilson has moved on with his hometown team. he played in maryland in college, now his second year with the skins, he is a big part of the redskins complainback
conventioneers that summer in 2009. one of the suites had become a homicide scene. sergeant terry wilson from the local police would lead the investigation. >> i couldn't believe what i saw. i went in the room and there was the victim hog-tied on the floor, and it was a bloody mess. >> what does that tell you? >> this was a targeted individual. >> is it true that his eyes were also gouged out? >> yes. yes. >> sergeant wilson learned that the victim was ben novak, jr., a name that meant nothing to him. the murdered man's wife and stepdaughter had been escorted to a nearby hotel room so investigators could take their statements. the wife of 20 years, narci, told sergeant wilson that her husband had been up all night working on convention details and didn't go to bed, she thought, until about 6:30 in the morning. she said she had then gone downstairs around 7:00 to oversee getting breakfast organized for the convention guests. >> could you verify, for instance, that the wife was indeed at the breakfast by a security camera? >> yes. we did have our own video confirm what she was saying. >> the st
difference is that wilson has thrown six more touchdowns but given up five more interceptions and rg3 as a slight edge. be you if ask rg3 -- well, let's stop there. >> i met him a couple times and talked to him. he's a great guy but like i said you have to play against quarterbacks, it is not my job to compare us that is your job. i hope you have fun. >> congratulations to linebacker london fletcher was named defensive player for the month of december. that is well and good for number 59 but his focus is on how to stop the seahawks. he knows to advance it will take a team effort. >> with football, it is a team support, it is offense, defense, special teams, whatever it takes to win a ball game that is what i'm trying to to do. obviously, we love to get takeaways, if is it playing great offense, we just want to win the football game. >> if you can't take some time out tomorrow night for our redskins playoff special titled "the year of rg3" that is tomorrow night. more meetings as owners try to reach an agreement in the nhl lockout. they are getting close b
around a little bit and woodrow wilson had potomac fever, which was something that harry truman loved to quote. politics is adjourned was woodrow wilson, watchful waiting was very appropriate. first with his relationship with dictatorship in mexico, feeling that we should go in and intervene wilson said no, this is watch and wait. once the war started, world war i, that was attributed back to him. for whatever reason, it is now primarily used in the diagnosis of certain illnesses. rather than treat them immediately, you go through a period of watchful waiting. some words like lucretius are interesting. mckinley -- the spanish-american war started. he has a telephone, telegraph, and he clears up the room and says up the telephone and declares this is my war room. that term did not exist until then. still jumping around, you know, it is calvin coolidge who comes down from massachusetts where he's put down a police strike and he goes to the convention and he is the law and order candidate. it was the first time it had ever been used as a political motto. there are a couple of things that
sports. we'll start with matt ryan and the falcons hosting russell wilson and the seahawks. winner heads to the nfc championship game. second quarter, matt ryan goes over the middle for rodney white who hauls it in for the touchdown. the falcons take a 20-0 lead into halftime. but in the fourth quarter, the seahawks start a comeback. wilson finds zach miller in the back of the end zone, the seahawks cut the deficit to six points. seahawks still down by six with less than a minute to play on third and five, wilson avoids the sack, flips it out to marshon lynch who takes it down the sideline and gets the seahawks inside the 4 yard line. two plays later, lynch bulls his way in for the touchdown. he fumbled as he broke the plain, but the play was upheld on review. seahawks take the lead on the extra point. the falcons are on the verge of an epic collapse, but they get into field goal range with 13 seconds to play. matt ryan, with the 49-yarder to take the lead. and pete carroll had called a time out before the ball was kicked. another shot at it, this time he puts it through the uprights. la
. longest return in pro bowl history. led to this, wilson to fitzgerald, 9-yard touchdown grab. ffc sets a game record with 62- points in the victory. >>> spring training is quickly approaching. nats' pitchers and catchers report down in florida two weeks from tuesday. and there may not be a more formidable pitching staff in all of baseball. the nats went from good to great this offseason. signed soriano to bolster the bullpen. clippard became setup man and sor enreturned as closer. but in the biggest game of his life, cardinals rallied to eliminate the nats in game five. now clippard and storen will move to the 7th and 8th inning with the acquisition of soriano. yesterday, clippard and storen shared their thoughts. >> it surprised us. it's a great addition. never can have too many good guys in the bullpen. gives us a lot of depth and lessens the workload for clippard and i. the roles will take care of themselves. doesn't change what i need to do. >> i hadn't heard anything, and i got a call from drew and he told me what they signed, they signed him. and this didn't make sense, you know?
knows they'll have their hands full on sunday. skins defense has a huge task ahead, russell wilson drafted in the 3rd round out of wisconsin was thought to be bakeup to matt given, but wilson was -- gwynn, but wilson was named the starter back in august. wilson had 26 touchdown passes this season. he led seattle to an 11 win season. >> he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league to me. i mean just what he's able to turn around that team, similar- type quarterback with similar scheme. he's almost just like rg3, athletic, get outside the pocket. >> he's a great creator, magician especially when he gets out of the pocket and is able to extend plays and find guys open and hit guys down the field and using his athleticism and quickness to do that. we have to do a great job as pass rushing to keep him in the pocket, corral him as best we can and get him on the ground and not give him a second chance. >> last sunday the redskins celebrated the 14th division title with a 10 point victory over the cowboys. the team turned last year's 5- 11 record into a 10-6 finish this season as they r
alineación a drew brees, eli manning y russell wilson en controles, abultaron el marcador desde los últimos momentos del segundo cuarto y hasta que finalizó el encuentro. los 49ers de san francisco actuarán técnicamente como equipo local durante el super bowl xlvii, por ello, tuvo mucho sentido que arribaran primero antes que los ravens de baltimore. ayer a las 6.56 de la tarde llegaron a new orleans. jugadores, staff y familiares desembarcaron para la semana de preparación rumbo al partido por el trofeo lombardi el próximo domingo 3 de febrero. este el primer viaje de los 49ers al super bowl en 18 años. el primer grans slam del aÑo en el tenis ya tiene a su reyna y a su rey. la tenista bielorrusa victoria azarenka revalidÓ su ti Ítulo en el abierto de australia al derrotar a la china li na en tres sets 4-6, 6-4 y 6-3 en una final intensa y dramÁtica disputada en melbourne. es el segundo ti Ítulo del grand slam que gana azarenka que, de esta manera, conservarÁ su puesto como nu Úmero uno mundial del circuito femenino de tenis. mientras tanto en hombres, el serbio novak djokovic
concerning the opening paragraphs of the declaration is woodrow wilson and modern progressivism into the american story. wilson urged people not to read what he called the preface to the declaration. he explicitly says if you wish to understand the real declaration of independence, do not read the preface to read the preface is what everyone else calls the declaration of independence. wilson did so for the same reason that he became the first president to criticize the american founding. and he did not criticize it about minor matters. beginning with the doctrine of natural rights, which he rejected. this criticism began precisely because the doctrine dictates the limited government which he considered a cramped and scientific understanding of the new possibilities of politics in the modern age of political science. they described their rights as, quote, fourth of july sentiments he did so because this doctrine the mandated the plans to make the government more scientific and the service of the politics that is much more ambitious. willson's intellectually formative years in the
in the first quarter. the seahawks got going. wilson avoids the rush and make it is run himself. ryan threw for 254 yards and two touchdowns but he was also intercepted twice. earl thomas grabs this pick and the seahawks have the break they needed. they capped in when wilson put a nice cap to his tight end. the seahawks had pulled to about six. and they took the lead with just 31 seconds left. lynch loses the ball at the goal line. lynch had broken the plane before the ball came out. half a minute to play, atlanta fans had seen this before but this time they got a happy ending. two passes got the falcons to the 31 then matt bryant was down the middle with a 49 field goal the falcons back in front at 30-28 with 8 seconds left. seattle had one more chance after an exceptionally short kick off by the falcons. but wilson's desperation passed picked off by julio jones. the falcons who had tpháfr -- never won a play off game will finally get the chance to go to one. >> and the 49ers will have to win the nfc championship game in atlanta next sunday, it's a noon start west coast time right here o
. russell wilson and our rg3. >>> a d.c. cabby was attacked and carjacked in the middle of the morning commute today. this afternoon please are still looking for suspects. it happened in the columbia heights area. megan mcgrath has more on the investigation, and the victim's condition. >> reporter: it happened at around 7:00 this morning, just when many people are calling taxi cabs to get to work and go about their daily business. for one cabdriver here in the district, things took a very violent turn. yellow police tape closes the 500 block of kenyon street northwest. behind the line, investigators bag up evidence. residents say it was a disturbing sight. a man in the road yelling for help. >> he was hollering for help, and nobody would stop. the cars go right past him. he just stood in the middle of the street, cars around him, he took off the jacket and i saw the blood. i thought, wow, he must have stabbed or shot. finally i heard somebody must have come out and helped him. >> reporter: police say the victim is a taxicab driver. he was attacked by a man with a knife. the suspect sta
:31 right now. let's take a live look out at the woodrow wilson bridge, shall we? we haven't seen that in a while. look, the traffic is picking up out there, meaning everybody is getting back to work on january 2nd here, 2013. it's going to be a cold start to your day as well, but, tucker, we'll have some slight, gi es, peeks of sunshine, right? >> well, more and more sunshine as the day goes on. so maybe even mostly sunny by afternoon. i mean, it should be a nice looking day. >> good. >> it's going to be typical january with highs only in the low 40s here. but with a lot of sunshine and dry conditions the next couple of days, you know, smooth sailing. >> it's going to be cold. i'll take the sun at least. >> right. yesterday was chilly and we didn't have any sun, so today should feel a little better for you. let's kick off by looking at our radar. we've had a few light sprinkles and light snow flurries to our south and east this morning. they are quickly falling off the map there or pushing east. they're not literally falling off the map. there you go, you can kind of see those ou
] look at me. patrick, over here. oh, daddy! yep, it's okay. [coughing] it's okay, really. dr. wilson! wilson! i just spoke to cuddy, she can't confirm whether house is applying for a job in boston. yeah, i'm late for a-- if i have to look for work, i have a right to know. [melancholy piano music] ♪ that's pretty. i wrote this when i was in junior high school. i could never figure out what came next. then dimwit came up with this. [emotional piano music] ♪ it's good. it's perfect. i could set up a tower on the roof during a lightning storm. help you switch brains with your patient. then you would be the brilliant pianist and he would be the doctor hiding brain cancer from his friend. it's nothing. you need to talk about it. you need to talk about it. at least let me look at your medical file. you're making a big deal out of nothing. who else knows? no one. and cancer isn't nothing. sorry, didn't mean to offend your specialty. why didn't you come to me? stein's good. stein's in africa for the next six months. he's given me at least six months. i'll go to boston, i'll get the treatm
here, usf, 62-53 the final. and i am going to be brutally honest, i don't think brian wilson will return. that is what the general manager brian sabin told them today. wilson, wants a long term deal with the giants but the giants is offering a one-year deal. he could be gone. >> kings and blackhawks, hockey is on. hoisting the stanley cup banner, patrick cain, 1-0 chicago. blackhawks three goals in the first. how about another to open up the second. slides to the rebound, blackhawks win it 5-2 and sharks drop the puck for the first time tomorrow. 3:00 start in calgary. busy day. >> we got mavericks going on. >> thank you so much. >> it featured items from studio 54. we'll look at few of the before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health. but add some sauce, pepperoni and cheese and fold up the crescent dough...and presto! tuesday night just became crescent pizza pocket-tastic pillsbury crescents. le
, because, i don't know, essentially we are all family. >> thank you, next speaker, please? >> joe, wilson with the hospitality house. i think that it is very important discussion that we are having today because ultimately it is an appeal to our collective humanity. and certainly, i can appreciate the difficulty that the police force faces in engaging this discussion, but i think that it is imperative for the command staff really to lead the department, down the road, toward that appeal to collective humanity. i think that the gist of the crisis intervention team is to try different things. it is to try a different approach. so that officers don't see themselves as enforcers, but engagers. that when we talk about having another tool in our tool kit, well, a sledge hammer is a tool. but the heart is also a tool. and for people in crisis, what they need is an appeal to the heart and our humanity and for officers to feel that the officers that it is their responsibility to do the harder thing and the easy thing is to react and reach for a tool when you are actually ignoring the tool that you
picking up glenn will sob at the airport in houston. wilson was using an alias and was trying to flee to mississippi. a complaint also releases details from the attack the officer clearly identified himself as a police officer. >> the suspect at that point didn't care. so that's the mentality of the violence of the individual that we're dealing with. >> glenn wilson faces charges of armed robbery of an officer and aassault. two other men are in custody of parole violations. go to for more on coverage. declaring a state of emergency. just self-control down to hot topics. >>> tonight california lawmakers are considering a list of nine new gun lawings. there was -- examined whether current laws need to be refined. some argued the focus needs to be on enforcing the laws we already have. >> a $20 million a year investment in gutting the guns out of a prohibited person would be a very wise and worthy investment. >> the number of bills on the table is likely to increases a the hearings continue. they go before commit fee next. >>> major league baseball says it's reviewing links that
building in washington. last time this happened, we had to fly the seattle flag overt wilson building. >>> also, the redskins offense against the seattle defense. and rg3 is still not the best with the bum wheel. despite kg beg considered underdogs, darrell young says -- despite being considered underdogs, darrell young says the team is ready. >> we're going perform. we're not going to talk about it. >> be sure to tune in for a complete wrap-ouch the skins and sea hawks -- wrap-up of the skins and seehawks. >> one word comes to mind when describing the game twheen the raven the and cots -- between the ravens and colts, emotional. >> chris ten burset -- kristin burset has more. >> reporter: this meeting is different. colts head coach chuck pagano will see his old team and the man he replaced, offensive coordinator jim caldwell. >> it will be a lot of fun. you have two teams with great desire and chuck probably feels the same way over there. >> it was a bond created over the last few months that probably only me and him knew we had. that strong of a bond. for chuck to come back here, th
and sleep well all the we haven't slept wilson's the jimmy carter administration. thank you, you holding up is the key. i bet i won't even have time to formally say thank you and goodbye. i will the say to miles how eloquent his little segway introduction has been and tell him goodbye and all rest of you for coming. i am supposed to read some things. i was fretting about that -- what that would be because i wanted to make it very short. i wanted to read from the end of the prologue. one of the things that i was trying to stress in the talk that i gave yesterday and the panel that i appeared on the day before is for all of the undeniable, appalling, dark side of ernest hemingway there was also the light, there was this bone of generosity. sometimes it came out best when a child was involved, and not his own child necessarily and especially an ill child who wouldn't respond to that. but he seemed to respond in a special way. so i was thinking of reading something of a key west passage and i said that would be like a piece of coal offering something to newcastle so i won't read that. i am just
is congresswoman wilson from florida and former pennsylvania governor ed rendell, now an nbc analyst. thank you both for being here tonight. >> thank you. >> reverend. >> congresswoman, thank you for coming on the show tonight. >>> how has his time in office shaped this president? >> i've seen him become wiser. i've seen him become stronger. i've seen him sharpen his wit and i am so proud of how he has faced the republicans and how he is now saying he will not wheel and deal with the debt ceiling. how he is putting his foot down and moving forward, all of the i shall shoes that we want to see changed. i think this is the time. we have a new president. and there's a song that says what are they doing in heaven today? and i'm sure dr. martin luther king, jr., today was cheering the watch party. >> the president, as we're speaking, you're seeing the president is leaving the viewing stand, the parade is over. and he is leaving the viewing stand. that's a live shot of the president and the vice president. leaving the viewing stand and shortly we'll go in and get prepared for the inaugural bats tonig of legally wed in maryland says it's been a long road to get here. pyan wilson 3:44 incue: it waa a yoyyoutcue: made hiitory in novvmber to allow marriage equalityyin the state. state. niie staaes ann thee district of columbiaahhve legalized aae-sex marriage. even though gaa prices never went higher than they did ack in 2008... gas prices.. on average... for 2012 were the highest ever. prices for a allon of egular &phit 3-60 this year... that's up 9 cents from theeprevious record set in 2011.triple- a blames hurricanes.. refinery ootagee and tenniins ii the middle east for the high prices.despite prices of more thhn 4 dollars a galloo back in 2008... the average price that year was just 3-25. a new studyy shows pill size... shaae and color directly influences whether patients will take the medicationn.esearchers nottced sooeepatients who receivvd generic drugs varying ii olor were more than 50-percent likely to stopptaking them. generic drugs must have thh how differenn they may look. - experts say ii's not the cooor of the pill, but what's inside that coonts. ass k
is live at the wilson building. hey, tony. >> reporter: hey, chuck, keith, good morning. what we for naught would be a memorial turned out to be an outdoor amphitheater and it's going to go to langdon park. these are from downtown. it will gobbi 20th street nees in ward five and will be called can chuck brown music pavilion with 900 seats and stainless steel and it will be have wooden ak settlements. the majority color is fuschia and it will have a profile of chuck brown on the side and give the history and all he did for d.c. the builders that did this, they are the 'same folks that restored the howard theater so they are well known here in d.c. and the mayor says he foresees them doing a very good job. chuck brown died in may of last year, 75 years old, commonly known as the god father of go-go. the mayor talking about times when he saw chuck as well. >> chuck will be remembered as an ever-present musician. i can't imagine the number of times, i can't even count the number of times i saw chuck perform and he was always upbeat and energized and enthusiastic and always connected
. >> reporter: reverend willie wilson says his wife mary who was also a pastor heard their doorbell ring at 11 a.m. december 22nd, a signal to her the fedex driver had just delivered a package. >> she went out to holler at him and said hey. then she noticed there were three guys with masks on with the cab loading up packages. >> reporter: reverend wilson and his wife called 911 and then went down to check on the driver who was literally face down on their front steps. >> we were very much concerned about the driver because we couldn't see him anywhere, thought maybe they had harmed him, but it was a great reliefton he hadn't been hurt. >> reporter: that -- relief to know he hadn't been hurt. >> reporter: that robbery was in the 3600 block of highwood day and now today blocks away at nearly the same time of day another driver was robbed at gunpoint, a ups driver who was just delivering packages in the 4300 block of southern avenue. he was ambushed by two masked men on his way back to the truck. they forced him inside the truck at gunpoint and drove to alabama avenue at reed terrace and start
wilson against rg3. both of them have had record seasons. let's start off with russell wilson. he had 26 touchdowns. he tied peyton manning's rookie record. when it comes to interceptions, just ten. then down to the passing yards, 3,118. rushing nearly 500. now let's go to rg3. he came in with 20 touchdowns. he had fewer touchdowns than wilson, but still impressive. however, his interceptions, five. that's half of wilson. then passing yards, 3,200. rushing yards, 815. these guys have met before, and clearly they have mutual respect for one another. >> robert's done a tremendous job all season. he's a tremendous quarterback. he leads his football team in the right way, in the right fashion. he's a great human being. i've met him several times. you know, i'm very, very happy for him. he's done a great job this season. >> me and him last year duelled it out for one of the records. i don't remember which one. it's just good to see him being so successful. at the same time, i want our defense to shut them down. >> and those two guys definitely have been the talk of the town. now the excitemen
this year. rg3 and russell wilson have both had record seasons. wilson had a great year. he's tied peyton manning's rookie record with 26 touchdowns. he had just ten interceptions. he's thrown for more than 3100 yards and rushed for nearly 500 yards. rg3's stats, they're just as impressive. he had fewer touchdowns than wilson with 20, but he has had half as many interceptions, just five. that's a rookie record. griffin also passed for 3200 yards and his rushing yards were totaling up to 800 this season. off the field, on a personal side, wilson married his long-time girlfriend last year and rg3 is engaged to his college girlfriend. so in case you were wondering, they're both off the market. >> well, thanks, jim. stay with news 4 all weekend for full coverage on the battle with seattle. and show us how you are getting ready for the game. we want to see you, your kids, your house, even your pets decked out with redskins pride. send us your pictures to or you can tweet us at @nbcwashington. >>> also this morning, police are trying to figure out who's behind a dri
procedure. we're joined now by the directors of "after tiller," lana wilson and martha shane. why did to make this film? what inspired you? >> it came from the news coverage surrounding dr. tiller's death. he survived an assassination attempt and literally went back to work the next day. i could not believe someone would go through such an experience and return to their job immediately. the news coverage was a controversial doctor has been killed, getting a talking point from each side of the issue, and that was about it. i found it frustrating the human element was let out. i was curious what motivated this man to go to such lengths to keep doing his work, why women would even need a third trustor abortion. and was someone waiting in the wings to take his place now that he was gone? what would happen next? >> talk about these doctors, martha, that you follow. >> the doctors are four in credible individuals. i think one of the things people notice is there all average, a very average americans. dr. cart is a registered republican and religious. dr. herrmann is much more on the liberal
closer brian wilson will be returning to the team this season. during the interview sabean said he didn't think that wilson was far enough along in his rehab to show anyone that he can still perform at a major league level. wilson was nontendered in november leaving the three time all star without a team. he made only two appearances last year before having reconstructive surgery on his elbow for the second time. former notre dame football star manti te'o is speaking out about the scandal surrounding him. on friday te'o spoke in an interview with e-s-p-n about reports that surfaced surrounding his girlfriend who never existed. that he said died from leukemia last fall. te'o used the death of his grandmother and the alleged death of his girlfriend to motivate him on the field and lead notre dame to the championship game. over the last few days te'o has been subjected to immense amounts of criticism. but has maintained that he was a victim of the hoax and played no part in it. >> stan musial, one of baseball's greatest hitters and a hall of famer with the st. louis cardinals for more than
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